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08 September 2020

11th Class Past Paper, MCQs, Short Question and Long Question Preparation

Short QuestionPast Paper, MCQs, Short Question and Long Question Preparation

11th Class
11th Class Past Paper
11th Class MCQs
11th Class Short Question
Short Question  Long Question
11th class book scheme
11th class important subject
In this post, I will talk about the exam Preparation of 11th class. In this post, I will tell the full details of the 11th class Short Question and Long Question. By reading these details till the end, you will know about the Exam Detail of class XI. That's why I read this post to the end so that you can know better.

11th Class:

After matriculation, he is promoted to class XI, which is conducted in a college in class XI in Pakistan. If you want to go to a good college, you have to get good marks in matriculation. If you get good grades, you will be awarded a scholarship to each college Scholarships are also given by the government. If you do not have good grades and you want to get into a good college then you need good money. An eleventh-grade student is a good student who understands things very well.

11th Class Past Paper:

Past papers help us prepare for the exam Past papers help us prepare for the exam. From the past paper, we find out the paper pattern and also get an idea of how they come. If he is a low-level student he should prepare well for the past paper. If there is a student, he should read well from the books and try to know it. The past paper is shown to the children so that they can know the paper pattern and guess how the paper comes.

11th Class MCQs:

The eleventh-grade paper also includes MCQs questions which are good for low-level students. These questions are asked throughout the book, numbering about twenty. This will determine if the child has read the book well.
11th Class Short Question:
In the 11th class, it is very important to prepare the Short Question for the preparation of the papers. Because 11th-grade paper has the largest number of short Questions. The number of short questions in the paper is half of the paper. If you want to prepare well for short questions, you should memorize the questions of the previous paper. Here are some small questions you can see The short questions portion is a portion that you can pass by solving. If you just memorize the short questions, you will pass in the paper.
Short Question Click Here

11th Class Long Question:

Now let's talk about the big questions. The number of big questions in the paper is less but the numbers are higher. Most good students can do them but they are not so difficult. Here is an easy way to prepare them Have you memorized the past paper questions well?۔The questions in the past paper are very important so they have a chance to appear in future papers. So remember them well. I have given below some big questions of the 11th class. You can remember this.
Long Question  Click Here

11TH Class Paper Scheme:

The eleventh class paper scheme is that first the MCQs questions are given and then the short question is given. First, there are Twelve questions, eight of which have to be asked, and then again There are Twelve questions, eight of them have to be done, then at the bottom, there are nine questions and five of them have to be done. Then there are the big questions, which are 5, three of which have to be done. First of all, the object is given, this subject is given. The objective has a time 20 mint. And the time of the Subjective is 2 hours 40 minutes and its number is 68. And the number of objectives is 20. This is an 11th class paper scheme. The scheme I am describing may not be in the future.

11th Class Paper Pattern Wrong:

The paper pattern is not good in Pakistan because there is a Concept in this paper pattern. The child cannot be given good knowledge from this paper pattern. Because children only memorize questions and do not try to understand them, they do not get the good knowledge they need. The government of Pakistan should change the paper pattern so that the children can get a good education. There is a good paper pattern in other countries. We should also stand by that paper pattern so that we too can make our children a scientist.

11th Class Paper:

Eleventh-grade papers begin in the month of and Eleventh-grade papers begin in the month. The eleventh class is applied immediately after matriculation results. If you want to get 11th class gas paper, you can click on the link above.

Important Information:

Students, you should memorize the paper from the books and not from the past paper because what is written on the books is good for you and it will also give you information. Students, if you read the books well, you will have extra knowledge and you will also know the questions that are asked about the job. We hope you enjoy this post. You can visit the site to see similar posts.


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