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23 September 2020

How to Admission in MBBS in Pakistan

 How to Admission in MBBS in Pakistan

In this post we will talk about MBBS, what are the requirements that can make us MBBS and also see all the details. If there is anything left for me in this post, please let me know in the comments and I will tell you about it. You must read this post to understand MBBS. Let's start this post


MBBS is a degree that makes a person a doctor and can treat people. If you want to do MBBS, you will need a lot of hard work. You can become MBBS only by working hard. MBBS is known in the world as a doctor's degree which is done in every country of the world. Pakistan's MBBS degree is one of the best in the world. I will tell you some of the important requirements by which we can do MBBS in Pakistan. First of all, we will talk about the merit of MBBS, how much merit is there in Pakistan? 

MBBS in Pakistan Merit:

MBBS in Pakistan has a lot of merits. If you want to do Government MBBS then you have to get about 90% marks in FSC. Many of the universities in Pakistan that offer MBBs are private and government If you want to do MBBS in government, it will cost you less. If you do MBBS from a private university, you will have to pay a lot of money for it. I will give below the names of the government universities which do MBBS.
CMH Lahore Medical Collage


MBBS Requirement:

If you want to do MBBS then you have to meet some requirements which I will describe in it. First of all, you have to do FSC in Medical and in FSC your marks should be above 90%. If you score above 90% in FSC, then you have to take a test which is mandatory for admission to Test Medical University. This test is called the MCAT test. If you pass this test with good marks then you can easily get admission to any medical university of Pakistan.

MBBS Test:

We will talk about the M.Cat test which syllabus is included in it. The M.Cat test includes what you have read about FSC and all previous classes. There are hundreds of MCQs in the MCAT test, all of which have to be solved. If you do a wrong MCQ, your numbers will be deducted.  MSQ marks are 60% and 40% FSC marks are given in the complete marks of MCAT test. Earlier matriculation marks were also given but now they are not given.

MBBS Admission:

If you want to get admission in MBBS, first of all, you have to pass the M.Cat test. If you pass this test, then you can go to any government university and get admission. If you do not pass the M.Cat test, you will get admission in a private university. It requires a lot of money. To do MBBS in a private university, the work should be at least one crore rupees. It was through admission in MBBS through which we can do MBBS. It is available in Pakistan but if you want to go to another country and do MBBS then you have to come to Pakistan and test again. Have to give. If you pass this test then your degree will be approved. MBBS in China is done for very little money that is why many people go to China to do MBBS but when they come back to Pakistan they do not pass the test of Pakistan that is why their Degree is not approved.

MBBS Jobs:

After doing MBBS in Pakistan, you get a lot of jobs. We will talk about some of these jobs. After MBBS, you get them. First of all, whoever has done MBBS, if he has studied from a good university, he will be given a job by the government which will be in a government hospital. I will tell you about its benefits. The advantage of this is that you can open your own clinic after doing a government job and you can earn even more money by working in it. And the job of MBBS is also given in the army. The job of MBBS in the army is to heal the wounded. This is also a good job. After that, MBBS gets a job in many other departments, although if he does not get a job, he can open his own clinic and earn money. If you have done MBBS from a good university then you can also get a private job. This is a very good job in which you get more money.

Youtube Channal:

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If you need any kind of help, please let us know by commenting and we will definitely respond. If you want to get admission in MBBS, we will guide you on how to get admission. If you are not getting admission in MBBS, you can tell us in the comments or go to our contact page and send an SMS. I will give you all kinds of information about MBBS.

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