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25 September 2020

How to Join Pakistan Air force full Detail

 How to Join Pakistan Air force  full Detail

Pakistan Air force

Pakistan Air force Jobs:

 join Pakistan Air force 

Air force Requirement

Pakistan Airforce Apply Method

Pakistan Air force Test

In this post we will talk about Pakistan Air Force, what is Pakistan Air Force and how it is applied. I will talk about the topics I have mentioned above. If you want to understand it well, you can watch this post till the end.

Pakistan Air force:

There is no other country in the world like this airport. There are many achievements in this force. Pakistan Air Force has done a lot in the world which makes it known as a good air force. Pakistan Air Force youth are not afraid to sacrifice their lives for their country. As proved in the 1965 war that there is no air force in the world like the Pakistan Air Force. In this war the Pakistan Army changed the nefarious intentions of the enemy.

Pakistan Air force Jobs:

Most young people in Pakistan apply to join the Pakistan Air Force every year. But only a few people are included who want to do something for their country. There are some important requirements to apply for this job. Anyone who meets these requirements can apply.  men and women can apply for this job. There are many people in Pakistan who want to become a pilot. There are many requirements to become a pilot in Pakistan Air Force then you can become a pilot. This is a government job that is why so many people apply. This is a permanent job.

Join Pakistan Airforce:

It is a matter of pride to join the Pakistan Air Force. In this course I will explain how to apply in Pakistan Air Force and all its requirements. Keep reading it. First of all, let's talk about its needs. Some jobs have been announced in Pakistan Air Force which I will tell you below.

Pakistan Airforce Requirement:

To join the Pakistan Air Force, you must first have a good education, at least you must have matriculated. After matriculation you can go to Pakistan air force if you have done FSC then you got a good post. After that you should be physically fine, your height and breasts should be perfectly fine and you should not be disabled in any way. If you have a police case that you still can't apply for.

Pakistan Airforce Apply Method:

In it we will explain how to apply in Pakistan Air Force. If any job of Pakistan Air Force comes then I will tell you in all these procedures how you can apply online. To do this, first you have to go to Google and make it true. PAF As soon as you make it true, a website will come first. You have to open it. After opening, an Apply Now button will appear at the bottom. You have to click on it and then a new window will open. First you have to enter your ID card number and then submit. After submitting, an application form will appear. If you enter incorrect information in it, your application will be rejected. After that you have to submit at the end then you will apply for the job. This was the procedure for applying to the Pakistan Air Force.

Pakistan Air Force Test:

If you apply to Pakistan Air Force then after applying various tests are done I will tell you about which tests are taken. The first test in the Pakistan Air Force is a Written test. The English test is taken first. If you pass it, then it qualifies for the next test. Then there are science subject tests. After passing this, you qualify for the next test. Then you have a general knowledge test. After passing it, you pass the Written test. After passing them, medical tests are done. If you pass these tests, you will be interviewed. If you pass the interview, then you become a member of Pakistan Air Force. These are the tests that I have described, I could not describe them in detail. 

Written test:

We will talk about the written test and how it is done. This test is in the form of MCQs. You can also give it to the computer if you want. Otherwise you can do it by hand There will be 100 MCQs for each test. All this has to be solved. If you get 50% marks in all the tests then you pass the test.

Pakistan Airforce Present Jobs:

I will tell you about the upcoming job. See all the details in this post.


Graduate After that there should be 20 word per minute typing speed.

Store men

It requires a matriculation education


Must be intermediate and have a computer diploma

MT Filter

Must have matriculation education for this post. Must have a diploma in engineering and seven years of experience

I have mentioned a few posts. You can see the details from the advertisement.

Youtube Channal:

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