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20 September 2020

Polio worker jobs 2020 in Pakistan Apply Now

Polio worker jobs 2020 in Pakistan Apply Now

The job of the Polio Worker in Pakistan has been announced. We will talk about Job and Polio Worker in this post today. You can watch this post till the end so that you can understand it well. First, we will look at the requirements, and then we will look at how to apply them.

Polio Virus:

Poliovirus is a very dangerous virus. It first spread in China and then it spread all over the world. The virus has caused a lot of damage and swallowed many lives all over the world but it has become a vaccine that has made it almost extinct all over the world but there are some countries in which it has not been eradicated yet. Could be These include Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other countries that have not been able to eradicate the virus. Many committees have been formed to eradicate the virus from Pakistan and a separate department has been set up. It only gives a polio vaccine to children in Pakistan. So that the virus can be eradicated from Pakistan. The virus is most common in young children and can cause various organs to stop working.

Polio Department:

The Polio Department is a government agency. Many people want to apply to it. Both male and female can apply in it. This institution comes under the Health Department and is present in all the provinces of Pakistan.

Polio Worker:

Polio workers go door to door in all provinces of Pakistan to vaccinate children without any fear. The polio campaign in Pakistan has not been stopped due to the presence of coronavirus. Children have also been vaccinated against polio.

Polio Eradication Steps in Pakistan:

Pakistan conducts various polio eradication campaigns every year in which millions of children are vaccinated against polio. Many steps are being taken to eradicate polio in Pakistan and Afghanistan who still have the poliovirus. Polio has been eradicated using polio vaccines all over the world but we still have polio in Pakistan. Poliovirus is one of the most dangerous countries in the World. Out of which province of Pakistan polio has been completely eradicated but there are some provinces of Pakistan in which polio cannot be eradicated yet.

Amount of polio eradication:

A separate fund has been set up around the world for polio eradication, which is given to different countries to eradicate polio from the world. The World Health Department also gives a lot of money to Pakistan every year so that it can eradicate polio from its country. That money is being spent by Pakistan for the eradication of polio.

Polio Worker Jobs Requirements:

If you apply for any job, it is very important to know your requirements first. I will talk about the Requirement. The requirements for polio worker jobs are what I am about to describe This job requires education from the middle to matric. If you have done the middle, you can still apply. If you have matriculated, you can still apply. These jobs are available in Multan. You must be between 20 and 30 years old to apply for this job. If you are older or younger then you cannot apply for this job. the male and female apply in these jobs.

Important Detail:

To apply for this job you need to know some important things that I will explain in it.

This job interview date is 30th September 2020. You have to go for this interview on 30th September 2020. You have to go to the District Health Authority Multan for the interview. After that, all the candidates will be proficient in their local language. A candidate who is being prosecuted cannot apply. You cannot submit the application form after September 25. If you submit an application after September 25, your application will not be accepted. If you do not have an ID card then you cannot apply for it and then you should have full knowledge of Pakistani law. You have not entered any incorrect information in the application you listen to

Jobs Type





 Male and Female


 20 to 33 Years old

 Posted Date

 17 September 2020

 Last Date

 25 September 2020


 not Available



How To Apply for Polio Worker Jobs:

To apply for this job, you must first read the requirements. To apply, first, you have to take a simple paper and in it, you have to write the application. In this application, you have to enter some of your personal information and then you have to attach it along with other documents like verification of domicile, etc. Then you have to submit these papers to the address given in the form. This post has tried to explain to you about the polio worker. I hope you have understood.

Video Link:

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