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26 September 2020

What Are Different Study Options After Matric?

 What Are Different Study Options After Matric?

If you have matriculated, you want to enroll in a college. I will tell you which subjects are placed after matriculation. To know all these details, watch this post till the end. I will tell you about different classes. You can choose one of them.


Let's talk about FSC first. We will first talk about the subject of FSC, which subjects it has There are science subjects in FSC. The names of these subjects are given to you below. It has subjects like Physics, Urdu, Chemistry and English. FSC students are admitted who have very good marks in matriculation and they want to continue to be doctors or engineers.









Pak Study








But there is a book difference between FSC Part One and Part Two. In Part One, Islam is taught but in Part One, the study of Pakistan is taught instead of Islam. But FSC also has two different subjects, one of which you can choose.

FSC Pre Engineering:

FSC has pre-engineering and pre-medical. Pre-engineering has one subject difference in which you have to take Math. Pre-engineering students study Math subject and all their suggestions are the same. These students can go ahead and take an E CAT test. These students can do engineering in any university after passing an E CAT test.

FSC Pre Medical:

FSC pre-medical is done by students who want to become doctors FSC pre-medical students read the bio book and can go ahead and take the M Cat test. After passing this test, they can go to any university and become a doctor. Only students who study well and can work are admitted to FSC Pre-Medical.

FSC Student Jobs:

We will talk about FSC students whether they can get a job or not If FSC students pass the Mcat or Ecat test, they can become a doctor or an engineer or they can apply for many more jobs. After doing FSC, you can also become a Pak Army officer.


Then we will talk about ICOM. If you do not have good marks in matriculation then those students get admission in ICOM. Subjects of ICOM are very easy. There are very few science subjects in it. If you want to learn business, then do this degree. This is a good degree. Its subjects are mostly business related, such as banking business. I told you everything that came to me about ICOM and if there are any details you can tell me in the comments and I will try to explain it too.


We talk about ICS, what degree it is and what subjects it contains. Nowadays, those who do ICS get a job very quickly. It is a computer rate degree. It is taught about it. Computers are being used almost everywhere today, so learning computers has become very important. Many students who get good marks in Matric are interested in learning computer so they can enroll in ICS and go ahead and do IT. If you take up IT, you will get a job very quickly. IT is very important nowadays.

ICS Subject:

ICS also has science subjects But some subjects are different from FSC. The ICS chemistry is replaced by the computer because it teaches the computer and contains all the science subjects as well. ICS is a good degree if you want to do it you can. In this day and age, if any job comes, it is definitely typing speed. If you have typing speed, you will get a job very soon.

ICS Student Jobs:

Those who do ICS also get a job very quickly but if someone does not want to do a job and wants to study further, he can do IT. After doing IT, you can go to any country and do a job. IT is one of the best degrees in the world.


You can also do FA after matriculation. I talk about which students can do it. Students who do not have good marks in matriculation and cannot read correctly can do FA as it is an easy degree and has the same science subject. Regarding the subject of FA, I will explain which subjects are present in it. He has English, Science Math, Urdu, and other  subjects. 

FA Student Jobs:

I will talk about the jobs of FA students, where they can go and get a job. Most FA students can go to Pak Army Pak Ranger Pak Navy Pakistan and Air Force. After doing FA you can get a good post in Pak Army or Air Force. 


If you have passed matriculation, you can also do diploma. After doing diploma, you will have a lot of experience in this field. Diploma is very important in this day and age. If you go for any job, you will be asked for experience and diploma first. There are different types of diplomas. I will explain some of them below. 

Computer Diploma:

You can do computer diploma after matriculation. Computer diploma is very important nowadays. Having a computer diploma lets you know how to operate a computer. Today is the age of computer, everything is done through computer that is why learning computer has become very important.

Engineering Diploma:

An engineering diploma is also an important diploma. Doing it can get you a job. You can start your own business.


If you do not understand something, please comment and we will tell you about it. Or let me know in the comments if there is anything left over I will try to tell you about that too. If you need any help, please comment us or go to the contact page and send us an SMS.

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