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02 October 2020

Punjab Police Jobs Constable 2020 in Pakistan

 Punjab Police Jobs Constable 2020 in Pakistan

This job has been announced in Punjab Police. We will talk about the details in this post. In this post we will see how it is applied and what are the requirements. You have read this post to understand all the procedures so that you can know better.

Punjab Police:

Punjab Police is one of the best police in Pakistan. It includes young people who want to do something for the country. After applying to this police, various tests are taken. These tests are very difficult. Anyone who passes them qualifies for this job. Now let's look at the details of jobs

Punjab Police Jobs Requirement:

Some important requirements are required to apply in Punjab Police. I will talk about what are the requirements. First of all, let's talk about education, how much education is required to apply. To apply for this job you must have at least an education matriculation then you can apply for it. 


This job is available all over Punjab. People from any district of Punjab can apply for it.


Men and women can apply for this job as constables and lady constables.


You must be between 18 and 22 years of age to apply for this job.


You must be 5 feet 5 inches tall to apply for this job.


Breasts must be 33 1/2 to apply for this job.

How To Apply Punjab Police:

Let me tell you how to apply for this job. The procedure for applying to Punjab Police is offline. To apply, first you have to go to your nearest police station and from there you have to get a Rs 25 form. After you have entered the details you may have been asked in this forum, then I will tell you what you have to do with it and then you have to attach it after confirming the document. You will receive this form from October 12 to October 22 at the police station.

jobs Type





  Male and Female


 18 to 22 Years old

 Posted Date

 2 October 2020

 Last Date

 22 October 2020


 not Available



Important Information:

People who are facing a police case cannot apply.

Quetta is for 5% minorities

And 15% of Quetta is for women

If you need to call the Punjab Police Helpline and ask for any details, you have been given a number advertisement form. No one will be given a discount on age or breast.


If you don't know about applying to Punjab Police or any of the requirements, please comment us and we will definitely respond. 

PK Jobs Pro:

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