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04 October 2020

Scholarship Program in Pakistan for Matric Student

 Scholarship Program in Pakistan for Matric Student

We will see your complete method in this scholarship in this post. First we look at the requirements and then we will learn how to apply. Read this post to the end so that you can understand each procedure well.

Scholarship Program Requirement:

To apply for this Scholarship, you must first have a Matric pass. You can still apply. To apply for this, your marks should be above 80%. If you have done Matriculation in Science or Computer, you can apply for it.  This is what he needed to apply for a scholarship.

Scholarship Program:

After receiving this scholarship, you will also be given 20,000 monthly. You will also be tested to apply for this scholarship. You will be interviewed along with the test.

How To Apply Scholarship Program:

How to apply in Scholarship  is offline. Here we talk about how to apply. To apply, first you will see an Apply button at the top. Clicking on this button will take you to a new Website. In this website you will see the first number of application form. You have to click here and then you will get an application form. You will find the address of the forum where you have to submit in the application form.


If you have any questions or do not understand any of the procedures, please comment and we will answer.

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