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26 January 2021

Screen Lock-Time Password | Current Time Password Lock Screen

 In this post I will tell you about an app that you can use to put your time in your mobile. Well there are some that you can use to put something in your mobile that will change with your time. This is an app created by an American boy for people to keep their passwords private. I am going to explain in this post how to download it and its full details so at the end of this post it was that you can do everything. I'll tell you how to download it, that's why you made it carefully and how to use it.

Screen Lock-Time Password

If you want to install this app, you must visit our website and this app. You can also find this app in the Play Store but I have given you this link for your convenience so you can easily download it from here. I have explained all this in the video on how to turn it on and run, so be sure to watch this video, I have given you the link to it.7

Download App For Jobs Detail:  Click Here

Screen Lock App Kaise Use Kare:

First you have to install it
Then you have to open it and follow it so that it can run your security system.
You can add another PIN code along with your time.
In this post you will find many more options that will tell you how to use this app.
Even if you forget the password in this error, you can still recover it.
This defect is used in many countries around the world so that people do not tell their password to anyone.

How to Install 

You have been given the link below to download it. You have to click this link and then you can put it on standby in your mobile.

Click Here

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