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03 January 2021

Telenor Answers 3 January 2021 - Telenor Quiz Answers Today

  My Telenor app today questions and answers my Telenor app test your skills today answers

My Telenor Test Your Skills Answers | Telenor Today Question Answers

Telenor answers on 1 January 2021 Welcome to the Telenor Quiz answer Today we will talk in full about the Telenor Quiz answer program. If you would like to get an update on the Telenor Quiz answer Today you can from this website. You will get all the answers correctly and if you answer correctly you will get Free Telenor MB.

My Telenor App:

 Telenor Quiz answer Today has given me a new future in its new app in which if you answer any question correctly. Then you will be given free help for the correct answer to each question. Sheikh service has become very popular in Pakistan so people have started taking more interest in it. With the Telenor appyou can easily install up to 20 MB per day as well as different people and packages. Earlier you had to call the helpline to ask for the package but now you are from  Telenor Quiz answer Today you can easily install the package and anyone can see it.
My Telenor App Test Your Skills Today Answers | Telenor Quiz answer Today

Telenor Quiz answer App:

If you want to install  Telenor Quiz answer Today and get free MB, I will give you the link below. You can install it from there. The first time you install this app, you get 500 MB free. With this app, you can install all the packages with free internet as well as you can install other SIM packages app. Along with the internet package, it has many more features in which you can pay your home bill and there are many more features.
My Telenor App:  App Download

All today Jobs:

If you want to get all the job updates along with education, I have given the link, you can click on it and get it. Punjab Lahore Karachi Islamabad New update of all cities you will get here.

Telenor Quiz answer Program:

If you have installed the  Telenor Quiz answer Today then you will have seen the yes questions there then the answers to these questions. You have to go to the test standby menu of the My Telenor app tomorrow and there you will find the questions, all the answers of which I will tell you below.

My Telenor Test Your Skills Today Answers:

Let me show you the complete way you can get daily free MB internet from My Telenor.  Telenor Quiz answer Today
  • First, open the Telenor app
  • Then you have to click on the Test Your Skills button
  • You will see five questions
  • They have to answer the questions
  • Answering these five questions will give you 100 to 50 MB free internet.
I will tell you the Telenor Quiz answer Today that comes up today so that you can get free internet. We answer all questions on a daily basis. We always answer all the questions correctly so don't get them wrong.

My Telenor App Test Your Skills Today Answers | Telenor Quiz answer Today

Telenor Quiz answer Today Answers :

By answering these questions you can win fifty to one hundred MB. Below I have given the answers to all of them.

Q.1 When was the new year celebrated before the Gregorian calendar?

  • 5th March
  • 13th March
  • 4th March
  • 25th March

Ans: 25th March

Q.2  Where were the earliest New Year’s celebrations recorded?

  • Tigris
  • Egypt
  • Mesopotamia
  • Babylon

Ans: Mesopotamia

Q.3 Who celebrated Akitu as the New Year’s festival?

  • Romans
  • Greeks
  • Persians
  • Babylonians

Ans: Babylonians

Q.4 In which country are ring shaped cakes are eaten to celebrate New Year’s?

  • Poland
  • England
  • Norway
  • Denmark

Ans: Denmark

Q.5 In which city is the New Year’s eve ball drop celebrated?

  • Washington
  • New York
  • London
  • Ankara

Ans: New York

My Telenor Answer By answering these questions, you can get free internet.

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