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08 April 2021

Telenor Internet packages | Daily, Weekly and Monthly All Packages

Telenor 4G Internet Packages

I will tell you the details of all the Telenor MBB packages one by one which is given below.

About Telenor Company:

Telenor is a good company which is a Norwegian company and many countries are benefiting from this company. The Telenor Network is being used in 9 countries. Telenor being used in the Nordics, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and in Asia, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar. Irfan Wahab Khan is the CEO of Telenor Network in Pakistan.

Telenor internet Bundle code. All activation Code Given Below.

Telenor 1 hour internet package:

Below are all Telenor 1 hour internet package. You can only use this package for one hour, after which it will expire. Telenor activation code MB and price is given Below.You Give Telenor 1 hour net package this site.

Youtube offer Telenor.

The first package in it is for one hour in which 500 MB is given for YouTube for only 2 hours. Its activation code is *60# and it costs Rs 10.All Telenor customers can subscribe to youtube telenor package.

1 Hour Internet Package Telenor:

The second numbered package will have 500 MB internet with a price tag of Rs. 12 and its activation code is *345*981#.This package can only be used for one hour. All customers of TalkShawk and Djuice can subscribe to this 1 hour internet package Telenor.

12 Hour Telenor Internet Packages:

I will tell you here about the 12 hour internet package which you can do 12 hours standby is also a problem if this package is attached to your sim then it may be available on your sim if If not, then it is not available on your SIM.

 You have to take care that some of the packages in it are available to you and some of the packages are not available. Below are the Telenor activation codes for installing this package, its MB and its charges.

Raat Din Offer:

The night and day offer will give you internet for 12 hours. It has an activation code of *150# and can be put on standby by Telenor TalkShawk customers.It costs Rs 18.

Telenor One Day Net Package:

In it I will tell you about the Telenor Net Package For one Day. This package which is not available on your SIM, it is not available on your SIM. Are available to Users.Telenor net package one day is Given Below

4G Daily Lite Bundle:

It has a one day net pkg telenor number one. It can be used for one day in which 50 MB internet will be provided and it can be used by the customers of TalkShawk and Djuice. Its activation code is *12# and its price is Rs. 14.28.

4G Daily Unlimited Internet Offer:

This package can be used by all customers of TalkShawk. It is a package for one day. It will be given 350 MB which can be used from one o'clock at night to seven o'clock (1am - 7pm ) in the morning. It costs 16Rs and activation code is *10#

4G Daily Bundle:

This package can be used by all customers of talkShawk. This package is also for one day. It will provide 100 MB internet which is priced at Rs. 18. The activation code of this package is *345*131#.

4G Daily Plus Bundle:

This package can be used by all customers of TalkShawk. This package is for one day and will have 150 MB internet which costs Rs. 30 and can be used for Dail *345*132#.

Telenor 3 Days Net Package:

I will now tell you about the three day Telenor 3 Days Package and all the bundles are given below you can complete their details. I will tell you the best package for those who use Telenor Net Package 3 days. In it I will tell you the packages that Telenor TalkShawk do standby and Dijuice do standby. Both of these packages are different.

The package I will tell you below will have Packages with Dijuice as well as talkShawk packages. You have to read it yourself so that you know which are the packages with Dijuice and which are the packages with talkshawk. Are from

4G 3 Day Bundle:

In it you will be given 1000 MB internet for three days and also 500 MB internet which will be used for (12am to 8AM). The price is Rs. 40 and its activation code. *32#. 

All In One Offer:

This page can be used by all customers of TalkShawk and Dijuice. In this package you will be given 500 MB 4G internet for three days besides free balance of Rs. 75 with the help of which you can make calls and SMS on all networks at a cost of Rs. 54.89. And its activation code is *2*20#

7 Days Telenor Internet Packages:

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