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09 July 2021

10 July Telenor Quiz Answer | Telenor app Answer


 Today 9 July Telenor Quiz Answer | Telenor Answer 

His Post Provides a Telenor answer. My Telenor app today's questions provide the correct answer. If you answer the Telenor quiz questions, you will get a gift. This website provides a Today 9 July Telenor Quiz Answer on the next page. This post is being given to you below. It contains all the answers to the Today 9 July My Telenor App Answer. Quiz and you will find it. If you want to get it daily, you must visit it.

How to Get Telenor Internet MBs? 

To get free MB in Pakistan you need to install the Telenor app and from there you can get free MB by answering some questions. You will find the answers to all the questions of the Telenor app from this website visit this website daily. We explain these questions to people in different ways that they can easily understand everything. Telenor apps answer

 Telenor Get Answer Full Method: 

You will find the Today Telenor questions, the method, the check-methods, and the answers to all the questions on this website. The Telenor app answers 100 percent of the questions correctly. You will receive some free MB from Telenor for answering these questions. Today 8 July My Telenor App Answer - Quiz.

Welcome to the Telenor Quiz answer, we will talk in full about the Telenor Quiz answer program. If you would like to get an update on the Telenor Quiz answer, you can from this website. You will get all the answers correctly, and if you answer correctly, you will get Free Telenor MB. 

What is Telenor? 

Telenor was launched in Pakistan on March 15, 2005. The Telenor app is used by over ten million people. It allows us to do many things easily.  

What is Telenor Test your skills? 

With the help of this, we can check the load of our phones. We can check the internet balance. You can activate Easy Card. The purchase has an online customer support  

On this website, you will find answers to today's Telenor questions, procedures, check methods, and all questions. The Telenor app answers 100% of the questions correctly. You will get some free MB from Telenor to answer these questions.

Step Get Telenor Question: 

  • Let  Open All Answer me show you the complete way you can get daily free MB internet from My Telenor.  Telenor Quiz answer. 
  • Telenor Skill Today First, open the Telenor app  Telenor you have to click on the Test Your Skills button.
  • You will see five questions They have to answer the questions Answering these five questions will give you 100 to 50 MB of Free internet.
  •  I will tell you the Telenor Quiz answer that comes up today that you can get free internet. 
  • We answer all questions daily. We always answer all the questions correctly don't get them wrong. 

How to Check Telenor Answer? 

  1. You will find the answers to all the questions of Telenor and all their details from this website. To view all Telenor queries, first, you have to go to Google and search for Telenor answers. After searching, you will see a website at the first number.  
  2. You have to click there. After clicking again, you will come to our website. You will see a button where it is written open all the answers, you have to click there. After clicking you will go to a new page, and from there you will easily find the answers to all the questions. 
  3. You can get answers Open  Telenor app  Answer from here and with its help, you will get 50 MB of free-of-cost internet and all that you no doubt will get every night at 12 o'clock.

ٹیلی نارسکیل کے جوابات آپ کوروزانہ رات 12 بجے اس ویب سائٹ پر مل جایا کریں گے 

Get free internet data from Telenor 
ٹیلی نار سے مفت انٹرنیٹ ڈیٹا حاصل کریں 
My Telenor app Answer questions 
ان کے جوابات کو آپ ایپ میں بھی چیک کر سکتے ہیں 

Today 9 July Telenor Quiz Answer | Today

 Telenor Answer


Where is the famous "Shangrila" lake and resort situated in Northern Pakistan?

  • Hunza
  • Nagar
  • Chillas
  • Skardu

Answer: Skardu


What is the name of the cold desert situated in Skardu?

  • Kalpana
  • Deli
  • Shanghai
  • Kalar

Answer: Katpana

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What is the name of the famous fort located in Hunza other than "Altit" fort? 

  • Rohtas
  • Baltit
  • Derawar
  • Akbari

Answer: Baltit


What is the name of the World's highest Polo ground located in Norhtern Pakistan?

  • Dir
  • Nagar
  • Chillas
  • Shandur

Answer: Shandur

Open Answer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Get Telenor Answer Daily?

By answering these questions you can win fifty to one hundred MB. Below I have given the answers to all of them. Answering the questions of the Telenor app quiz, you have to take special care that there are five questions in them. If you select the wrong option on any one question, it will help you to have four questions left. You will not be given Free internet with four questions.  

How you can see the answers to the Telenor quiz: The way to see the answers to all the questions of Telenor is that you have to go to Google and search their Telenor answer. After searching you will find different websites there and now you can go there and see the answers from any website. 

Telenor Answer Benefits:

  •  Must have a balance of 0.01. 
  • Telenor App can only use the received MB for one day. 
  • You have to answer all the questions very carefully. Free MB Detail: 
  • Telenor's free MB lasts for 24 hours. You use it within 24 hours you can get MB again.  
  • Do you know any questions about the Telenor app? 
  • If you answer any question incorrectly, you will not be given MB. 

Get Other 20 MB Free Daily Reward : 

You go to my Telenor app and scroll down the screen and go My Hub there is may an option is given, and you go to Free MB's and get a reward every 24hour in 7 days. You send gifts for any Telenor number and share the balance with any person to use the My Hub Share Balance Button.

When can you answer? 

We answer all your questions we can. We write all these questions until 12 o'clock at night. You will easily find the answers to all the questions from this website. After 12 o'clock at night, you can easily give all the answers here. 

How many MBs we get from today's Telenor quiz?

By answering these questions you can get up to 50 MB of internet and if you have a monthly account you can get up to 1500 MB. All of these questions are given to you daily and the answers to these questions are easily available from this website. Each question has been answered.  

How to Get Telenor Free MB Internet? 

If you want to install the Telenor Quiz answer today and get free MB, I will give you the link below. You can install it from there.  For the first time you install this app, you get 500 MB free. With this app, you can install all the packages with free internet. You can install other SIM packages app.  Along with the internet package, it has many more features in which you can pay your home bill, and there are many more features. My Telenor App: App Download 

How to see Telenor Question

If you have installed the  Telenor Quiz app you will have seen the yes,  there the answers to these questions. You have to go to the Telenor App by a menu of  The My Telenor app and there you will find the questions, all the answers of which I will tell you below  Click Here   

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My Telenor Answer By answering these questions, you can get free internet. Thanks for reading this post and you want to be in more posts take our invitation  Telenor Quiz answer  


You will be given Free internet at the same time. You will be given free internet only you have given correct answers to five of the five questions that you will not have any difficulty in it. If you want to visit our YouTube channel,  I have given you the link and you can go from there  We Provide you with all Today with my Telenor app quiz answer. You will see this answer every day at 12:00 O'Clock.