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30 August 2021

Bahimat Buzurg program online registration 2021

Bahimat Buzurg program online registration 2021

 In this post I will tell you about a new program launched by the Government of Punjab which will help the poor. Just as money was given to government employees across Punjab, so will money be given to elderly women or men. If you want to know more about this, then you have to read this post till the end. 

Ba-Himmat Buzurg Program Benefits:

  • Through this program, money will be given to the elderly women and men in the society.
  • With this money they will be able to live a good life.
  • Older women and men do not have to depend on anyone else.

Ba-Himmat Buzurg Program Eligibility and Required Documents

  • You must have a poverty ratio of 16 to 30 to apply.
  • Only one woman in a family can benefit from this program.
  • If women are not present, her husband can benefit from it.

Ba-Himmat Buzurg Program Registration 2021:

Those who are eligible for this program can go to their nearest social welfare office and apply. This is an easy way to apply to your nearest welfare officer

Address: 78-79, D-Block, New Muslim Town, Wahdat Road, Lahore

Phone: 042-99232359-60

Working Hours: 09:00 AM – 05:00 PM

The program will provide dignified social pensions to women over the age of 65 in Punjab. PRs 1.8 billion is being allocated for the first year of the program, which will benefit more than 110,000 poor elderly women. The beneficiaries will be given PRs 2,000 per month. This program will be an unconditional cash transfer program. The program will cover the most vulnerable in Punjab and provide them with the means to meet their financial needs.

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