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13 January 2022

My Telenor App Quiz Answer Today 14 January 2022

My Telenor Quiz Answer

Today My Telenor answer Welcome to the My Telenor App Quiz Answer Today we will talk in full about the Telenor Quiz answer program. If you would like to get an update on the My Telenor App answer Today you can from this website. You will get all the answers correctly and if you answer correctly you will get Free Telenor MB.

    Question 1: Who Played Danish in Mere Paas Tum Ho?

    Answer: Humayun S.

    Who is the First Pakistani Nobel Prize Winner?

    Answer: Abdus Salam 

    Saleem Shaikh Started his adult Acting Career From?.

Question 4:Rohtas Fort was Built Under which Dynasty?

  • 19 century
  • 16
  • 15
  • 20

Question 5: Moenjo Daro Ruins were first time discovered in which year?

  • 5
  • 1
  • 3
  • 5

My Telenor App Quiz Answer

This post contains answers to the Telenor quiz today. The Telenor app has announced a new feature in which you can win the internet by answering five questions on a daily basis.  Today Telenor quiz answers are given on this website.

My Telenor App:

Telenor Answers has given me a new future today in my new app in which if you answer any 5 questions 100% correctly. You will then be given free help to answer each question correctly. My Telenor app answer Today's service has become very popular in Pakistan so people have started taking more interest in it.

With the Telenor app, you can easily activate up to 20 MB of internet per day, as well as various packages. Previously you had to call the helpline to ask for a package but now you can easily activate the package from the Telenor app and that too at your own will.

Telenor Quiz today App:

The My Telenor App Quiz Answer Today are listed below, which you can use to get free mobile data. This information can be used on YouTube or any other social media platform. The use of data is unrestricted.

If you're looking for Telenor Answers, this site has the Telenor App Answers. You will be given four options for these questions, one of which will be correct, and you will have to choose the one that will help you to get MB.

There are five questions in total, and you should answer them all. These questions will enhance your general knowledge. The My Telenor quiz today is very important for our knowledge.

Step by Step to get My Telenor Quiz Answers:

Let me show you the complete way you can get daily free MB internet from My Telenor. 

  • First, open the Telenor app

  • Then you have to click on the ''Telenor Test Your Skills'' button

  • You will see five questions

  • They have to My Telenor Quiz answer Today

Answering these five Telenor questions correctly to win you 100 to 50 MB of free internet.

Today My Telenor Answer

Free Reward:

  1. Come to the Telenor app and get free internet.
  2. Enjoy Free Reward every time when you Recharge or Activate an Offer from My Telenor App.
  3. You can get free internet daily through Telenor Test Your Skills, the answers to which we have given you below.

What is the Benefit of the

Telenor Users Get many benefits from this app. With the Telenor app.

  1. This app keeps you updated on all the internet MBs minutes and SMS.

  2. You can access and activate Telenor's packages and digital services with one click.

  3. Now you can make an offer of your choice and you will find it here at your choice..

  4. You purchase a Netflix account through the Telenor app.

  5. Check your balance and bill FOR FREE

  6. If you have run out of balance, you can get a loan from here.

  7. You could examine your internet usage.