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30 October 2021

Alkhidmat Mawakhat Program Loan | Interest Free Loan in Pakistan

 Alkhidmat Mawakhat Program Loan | Interest-Free Loan in Pakistan

Al-Khidmat Foundation has announced an interest-free loan. Al-Khidmat Foundation is an organization that provides loans to people in difficult situations. Al-Khidmat Foundation distributes food to the poor in Pakistan for many people, as well as scholarships and in cold and emergency situations. This article details how to get a loan from it. 

Loan Amount:

This company gives you interest-free loans ranging from Rs 20,000 to Rs 5 million.

  • 20k to 50k

Reason for lending:

  • If you take out a loan somewhere in an emergency, you can repay it without interest from here. 
  • If you want to start a new business, you can get a loan from here.
  • If you want to build your own house, you can still get a loan from here.
  • A loan should also be given for someone's marriage.

When you take out a loan you will be asked some questions. You will be asked what your needs are and how long it will take to repay the loan. The company has given loans to many people, including 159 million loans. 

How to Apply Alkhidmat Mawakhat Program:

To apply for this loan, you must first go to their office, fill out a form and submit it. The loan will be repaid to you within a week after the form is submitted. If you want to know more details, below is the link to their official website.

Click Here

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