Telenor Best Internet packages, Daily, Weekly & Monthly in 2022

Telenor 4G Internet Packages
I will tell you the details of all the Telenor MBB packages one by one which is given below. Package 

Best Telenor Internet Packages

Easy card and Telenor 4g internet Bundles are also present in this page.Telenor Internet Packages 

Telenor 1 hour Internet Package:

Below are all Best Telenor Offers and Telenor 1 hour internet packages.

YouTube offer Telenor.

The first package in it is for one hour in which 500 MB is given for YouTube for only 2 hours. Its activation code is *60# and it costs Rs 10.This offer is called Telenor good time offer. 

Telenor Youtube Offer
2 Hours500*60#10

Get Free Internet MBs 

1 Hour Internet Package Telenor:

The second numbered package will have 500 MB internet with a price tag of Rs. 12 and its activation code is *345*981#.

1 Hour Telenor Internet Package
1 Hour500*345*981#12

12 Hour Telenor Internet Packages:

I will tell you here about the 12 hour internet package. Below are the Telenor activation codes for installing this package, its MB and its charges.

Raat Din Offer:

The night and day offer will give you internet for 12 hours. It has an activation code of *150#. It costs Rs 18.

Raat Din Offer
12 Hours…….*150#18

Telenor One Day Net Packages:

In it I will tell you about the Telenor Net Package For 24 hours. 

4G Daily Lite Bundle:

It has a one day net Pkg Telenor number one. It can be used for one day in which 50 MBs internet will be provided and it can be used by the customers of Talkshawk and Djuice. Its activation code is *12# and its price is Rs. 14.28.

4G Daily Lite Bundle
24 Hour50*12#14.28

4G Daily Unlimited Internet Offer:

It is a package for one day. It will be given 350 MB which can be used from one o’clock at night to seven o’clock (1am – 7pm ) in the morning. It costs 16Rs and activation code is *10#. 

4G Daily Unlimited Internet Offer
1 Day(1am-7pm)350*10#16

4G Daily Bundle:

This package is also for one day. It will provide 100 MB internet which is priced at Rs. 18. The activation code of this package is *345*131#.

4G One Day Internet Package
24 Hour100*345*131#18

4G Daily Plus Bundle:

This package is give 150 MB internet which costs Rs. 30 and can be used for Dial *345*132#.

Daily Plus Offer
24 Hour150*345*132#30

Telenor 3 Days Net Package:

I will now tell you about the three day Telenor 3 Days Package and all the bundles are given below you can complete their details. I will tell you the best package for those who use Telenor Net Package for 3 days.

4G 3 Day Bundle:

In it you will be given 1000 MB internet for three days and also 500 MB internet which will be used for (12am to 8AM). The price is Rs. 40 and its activation code. *32#. 

4G 3 Days Internet Packages
3 Days1000*32#40

All In One Offer:

This page can be used by all customers of Talk shawk in Djuice. In this package you will be given 500 MB 4G internet for three days besides free balance of Rs. 75 with the help of which you can make calls and SMS on all networks at a cost of Rs. 54.89. And its activation code is *2*20#

All In One Offer
3 Day500*2*20#54.8
Telenor Best Internet packages

7 Days Telenor Internet Packages:

All 7 day internet packages will be mentioned so that you will not have any problem and you will also find a way to activate them.

Weekly Youtube Offer:

In this offer you will get YouTube 5000 MB internet for seven days which is priced at Rs 80 tax and you have to dial *220# to activate it.

Weekly Youtube Offer
7 Days5000*220#80

Weekly Zoom offer:

In it you will be given 5000 MB internet for seven days. The price is Rs. 80 tax and dial *345*56# to activate it.

Weekly Zoom Offer
7 Days5000*345*56#80

Internet Dhamal Offer 2 GB:

In this offer you will be given 2000 internet time which you can use for seven days and it will cost Rs. 85 tax and you have to dial *812# to apply for it. 

Internet Dhamal Offer 
7 Days2000*812#85

Another 5GB Internet Dhamal Offer:

In it you can use 5000 4 GB internet all week and it costs Rs 185 plus tax and you have to dial *946# to activate it. You can enjoy Whole Week this offer.

5 GB Internet Dhamal Offer 
7 Days5000*946#185

100MB Free Internet Data:

This offer is only for new SIM users. It offers free 100 MB 4G internet for 7 days.

New Sim Offer
7 Days100…….……

4G Late Night Offer:

In this offer you are given 30 GB 4G internet at a cost of Rs. 50 with tax. Dial *19# to activate it. You can use it from 12pm to 9am.

4G Late Night Offer
7 Days only use (12pm to 9am)30 GB*19#50

4G Weekly Super Offer:

4000 4G Internet MB provided to you 2000 of which you can use all week from 1pm to 11am. Dial *288# to use it. It costs Rs. 110 with tax.

Super Weekly 4G Offer
7 Days use (1pm to 11am)2000*288#110

4G Weekly Ultra Package:

This is One of the best Offer for the weekly internet. In this offer you will get 9GB 4G internet for 7 days. 
It is priced at Rs. 185 with tax. Dial *336# to apply for it. It can be used for 8 GB internet and 1 GB Gonja app.

Weekly Ultra Package Offer
7 Days 9 GB*336#185

Internet All in One Offer:

In it you can use 100 Telenor minutes 50 other network minutes 1500 MB internet for 7 days. It costs Rs. 130 with tax. Dial *345*75# to install it.

6 to 6 offer:

In this offer you will get 4GB 4G internet from 6 am to 6 pm. You can use it for up to 7 days. The price of this off is Rs. 55 with tax. Dial *71# to activate it.

Weekly 6am to 6pm Offer
7 Days4GB*71#55

Weekly Sports Offer:

This offer is for special sports. In it you will get 2 GB internet for 7 days. The price is Rs. 20 with tax. 
Dial *345*764# to use it. Only For Crickwick & CricnGif.

Weekly Sports Offer
7 Days2000*345*764#20

Monthly Telenor 4G Internet Packages:

Here I will tell you about Telenor’s 30 day internet packages with the help of which you can use your internet for a whole month without any worries. 

Free Snapchat Offer:

Telenor’s monthly Internet packages offer you free snap chat in which you can use 2 GB internet for 30 days and it is absolutely free you have to dial *915# to activate. 

Free Snapchat Offer
30 Days2000*915#Free

Facebook and Whatsapp Offer:

In the monthly internet offer of Facebook and WhatsApp, you get 3.1 GB internet. It costs Rs. 50 and you have to dial *911# to activate it. Best Social Media Packages.

3000 MB Facebook & Whatsapp and 100 MBs all Internet.

Whatsapp and Facebook Offer
30 Days3000*911#50

Facebook and Whatsapp 4G Monthly Plus Package:

In this offer 5GB internet is provided for Facebook and WhatsApp for one month. The price is Rs. 75 with tax. Monthly Social Pack Package. To apply it you have to dial *660#.

Facebook and Whatsapp 4G Plus Offer
30 Days5GB*660#75

WhatsApp Offer:

In this package you get 1500 MB 4G internet for WhatsApp and you can use it for 30 days. It costs Rs. 5 with tax. You have to dial *247# to install it.

Monthly WhatsApp  Offer
30 Days1500*247#5

Imo offer:

You can use imo for 30 day with 2Gb 4G Internet. Its Price is 45 inc. Tax. you can active this office to dial *466#.

Monthly Imo Offer
30 Days2GB*466#45

4G Monthly Lite Bundle:

At this offer you can use 3GB Internet for 30 days. Its price is 150 inc. Tax. active this offer you can dail *301#. You give 2000 MB internet + 100 MB For Whatsapp/Goonj/GameBox internet with this offer.

4G Monthly Lite Bundle
30 Days3GB*301#150

4G Monthly Starter Bundle:

Use 8GB 4G internet for 30 Day in this offer. Its price is 300 inc.Tax. active this offer dial *302#. Internet 8000 MB ( Incl. 4000 MB 1 a m – 7am).

4G Monthly Starter Internet Bundle
30 Days4000*302#300

4G Super Bundle:

In this offer you can use 12GB internet for 30 day. With the price 330inc.Tax. you can dail *345*169# to activate these packages.
Internet 12000 MB(Incl. 6000MB 1am – 11am).

Super 4G Monthly Bundle
30 Days12GB*345*169#330

4G Monthly Ultra Bundle:

20GB internet use in this offer for 30 days. Its price is 450inc.Tax. To activate this offer Dial *335#. Internet 10000 MB ( incl. 10000MB 12AM- 8AM)

Monthly 4G Ultra Bundle
30 Days20GB*335#450

4G Monthly Plus Bundle offer:

You can use 50GB Internet For this offer for 30 Day. This offer Price is 700 inc.Tax. Active this offer to dial *303#. 25GB +(25GB 1AM – 11AM).
All Telenor Customers Happy with this Offers.

4G Monthly Plus Offer
30 Days50GB*303#700
4G Monthly Plus Bundle offer:

Some Important Codes For Telenor Sim:

  • Check Internet Balance: *999#
  • Check Sim Balance: *444#
  • Telenor Remaining Minutes Check: *222#
  • Free Telenor Facebook:  *5*325#
  • Remaining Sms Check code:  *111#
  • Telenor Advance Balance Code: *0#

How To Check Telenor Sim number?

To Check Telenor Sim Number Send Sms “A” To 7421

What is Telenor Sim lago offer code?

Active Sim lago offer on your Sim Dail *2222# or Call on 2222

How to Share Telenor Balance ?

Share Telenor Balance Dail *1*1* Mobile Number * Amount #. Share This Balance Telenor To Telenor Numbers only not any other Network.

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